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Wonder Roza by JACS (Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol Mist) TRIAL PROMO

RM 69.00

Wonder Roza by JACS is 100% Natural Rose Hydrosol made from Fresh Rosa Damascena blossoms, or commonly known as Bulgarian Rose that are harvested at dawn, when reaching aromatic peak. 


Carefully Distilled using natural waters from the Bulkan mountains, Wonder Roza Hydrosol Mist helps soften, soothe and tone skin to restoring skin’s beauty and renewing natural grow. It is a natural boost of moisture and essential micro-nutrients to promote a dewy complexion and naturally-fresh, youthful appearance. Perfect for maintaining your skin’s moisture in between your day and your night skin care routine. An essential to have when you are on the go to keep your skin moist at any given time of the day!